Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Twenty Things You Probably Don't Know About Me

Rabia blogged in January about this. Naturally, it takes me forever to do anything. I wouldn't be surprised if I never finish it. Anyway . . . 
  1. I spent part of a college summer counting earthworms for my dad.
  2. Cilantro tastes like soapy water to me.
  3. The smell of cooked cauliflower, broccoli, and (especially) brussels sprouts turns my stomach.
  4. On the other hand, talking about and seeing blood, gore, poop, bodily functions, etc. doesn't put me off my feed.
  5. Okay, now you're grossed out. Let's switch gears. I love doing origami, especially on those pretty, delicate, special origami papers.
  6. And snickerdoodles. Nothing comes close to my mother's recipe. 
  7. On the other hand, I am annoyed, even angered, by soppy memes about how all mothers love their kids and all grandmothers adore their grandchildren. 
  8. I can't draw to save my life, but I love great art.
  9. That doesn't include Hummels, Precious Moments, or anything with big-eyed children.
  10. I was once strip-searched. (It's a great story.)
  11. I carpeted my tenth-grade locker with actual Turkish carpet.
  12. I was confirmed by the bishop of Paris. (As an Episcopalian, that is.)
  13. If I were ever forced to go to a fancy function at somewhere like the White House, I could manage so well that you wouldn't know how much I hated it.
  14. Anapestic tetrameter, dactylic hexameter, etc.—I know the five main kinds of English poetic meter and tricks on how to identify them.
  15. I've sung in a (mostly) black gospel choir and a touring college choir. I even directed a select girls' group for a while.
  16. I am sad that I can never again visit four of the schools I attended; they've been given back to the Germans.
  17. I love the way coffee smells, but I drink it only to stay awake and only with lots of cream and sugar, because it tastes horrible otherwise.
  18. I can't stand the idea of wearing make-up or perfume, and I rarely wear jewelry other than my wedding ring.
  19. I can make my elbows bend in a way that will freak you out.
  20. If you ask me where I'm from, I have to make a split-second determination—how much information do you really want?
Now you try it! And link back here!


Rabia Lieber said...

Great list, Melissa! Let's see: I hate cilantro too. I'm good with blood and gore and frequently get in trouble for talking about it at dinner. I also love the smell of coffee, but I don't drink it. Maybe I've never had the right amount of sugar and cream in it?

The Old Wolf said...

Metrical Feet -- A Lesson for a Boy

Trochee trips from long to short;
From long to long in solemn sort
Slow Spondee stalks, strong foot!, yet ill able
Ever to come up with Dactyl's trisyllable.
Iambics march from short to long.
With a leap and a bound the swift Anapests throng.
One syllable long, with one short at each side,
Amphibrachys hastes with a stately stride --
First and last being long, middle short, Amphimacer
Strikes his thundering hoofs like a proud high-bred Racer.

If Derwent be innocent, steady, and wise,
And delight in the things of earth, water, and skies;
Tender warmth at his heart, with these meters to show it,
WIth sound sense in his brains, may make Derwent a poet --
May crown him with fame, and must win him the love
Of his father on earth and his father above.
My dear, dear child!
Could you stand upon Skiddaw, you would not from its whole ridge
See a man who so loves you as your fond S.T. Colerige.
-- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Melissa said...

Thanks, Rabia! I've heard that the way one tastes cilantro is genetic. I just know it's icky! I drink coffee now when I'm driving alone and can't stay awake otherwise, and I add a LOT of cream to it. Or else I buy a chocolate milk, too, and make mocha. I figure it beats going to sleep and crashing the car.

Gee, Chris, that's pretty amazing! All I know is ITADS—iambic, trochaic, anapestic, dactylic, spondaic. I never heard of no amphibrachys or amphimacer nohow.